about minab city

Minab is one of the cities of Hormozgan province in southern Iran and the center of Minab city. Minab is the second largest city of Hormozgan and one of the agricultural hubs of Hormozgan due to its potable water resources, especially the Minab River, and has long been called the “Southern Paradise”.

The history of Minab blends with the history of the land of “Old Hermos” According to indigenous people, the city was built by two sisters, Bibi Mino and Bibi Nazanin, in ancient times, according to Minab historical books by the Mongol invasion. Destroyed and the only surviving remains of the Minab fort.

The Minab Plain is more than 100,000 years old. Minab city is attributed to the Sassanian period, but some historical documents show that the city is more than 2500 years old. Minab turned into a city in 1931 and was promoted to county in 1955.

The city is home to 73,170 people and is the second largest and most populous city in Hormozgan province.

The ethnic composition of the Minab is from the Persian speakers of the Hermes(Minabi), the Arabs of the Persian Gulf, the Baluchis and the Bashagardis.

In Minab and other areas of Minab, people speak the Minab dialect.
Minabi dialect, which is common in southern Iran and on the margins of the Oman Sea, is a subdivision of the Bashagardi dialect and is the intermediate between the Larestan and Baluchi dialects in the southeastern Iran.


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